At Reel 'n Smoke, we are dedicated to nourishing our outdoor family with specialty food items that are created from high quality, gluten free ingredients.  While grilling one summer night, we noticed the amount of preservatives we were seasoning our meal with.  Since we have always lived by the mantra, know where your food comes from, it seemed contradictory to be adding these products (with ingredients we couldn't pronounce) to our food.

That night is what ultimately drove us to launch our own line of American Made specialty food products.  Free of antibiotics, hormones, gluten, nitrites, and fructose to keep your meal chock-full of the good stuff (and not the bad).  Our specialty food line started with sauce and seasoning, but quickly grew into an assorted jerky line using recipes passed down from our Grandpa Butchy. 

We don't pretend to be chefs, but we do know what tastes good.  So, next time you're behind the grill, remember to reach for the products with the red oval seal.