Bonfire Hobo Dinners

Bonfire Hobo Dinners.jpg

Simple, primitive, and downright delicious describe this next recipe. Here at Reel n Smoke we love to be outside, combine that with summertime in Michigan and camping is the first thing that comes to mind. No good camping trip is complete without a bonfire, so that's what we are going to cook with in this one. No set temperatures, times, or limits on creativity. You can make do with what you have or even pre-package these and keep them in a cooler until they are ready to be used. You'll probably be making these for a number of people so adjust the amounts of ingredients accordingly.


Meat (hamburger in this case)

Potatoes  (the smaller the variety the better)




Green Pepper

Reel 'n Smoke All-Purpose Seasoning

Reel 'n Smoke BBQ & Dippin' Sauce, Hot sauce, or Worchester sauce (optional)

Step 1

Get a fire going! Let it burn for a while and get some coals going. You don't have to cook these right in the fire, they can be on an elevated grate or in a grill, but today I'm cooking them on the coals of an open fire. Just don't put them directly in the flames or you might have some burning problems.

Step 2

If you haven't already packaged your hobo dinners now is the time to start combining the ingredients. You'll want to use a double layer of tinfoil to wrap these so no juices escape. Since we are working with burger in this version you'll want to shape that into patties or meatballs and give them a healthy dose of Reel 'n Smoke seasoning. Add the burger to the tinfoil and if you have some cooking spray on hand you can coat the tin foil with that.

Step 3

It's time to prepare the vegetables. Starting with the carrots, slice them into 1/4 inch sections. Next take green pepper and onion and slice them as well.  Finally we have our potatoes, you can use any kind but since I prefer less cutting I use small medley potatoes. Cut the potatoes into third's, or half's. Add the vegetables to the tin foil packet on top of the meat and apply a liberal amount of Reel 'n Smoke seasoning.

Step 4

Add a couple chunks of butter on top of the whole package for some more flavor. You can also get creative and add something else for more moisture/flavor here (Reel 'n Smoke BBQ sauce, hot sauce, or worchester sauce work well) . One thing I'll typically have available when camping is beer, so I'm going to add a bit of that in the foil package here too.

Step 5

Clear a spot in the fire where the dinners can be added onto a hot bed of coals but not directly in the fire and wait about a half hour. Times will vary here depending on the heat of the fire, outside temperature, and wind so you will have to use a little of your own judgment. The greater the contents in each package the greater the cooking time will be. Be careful if you start to smell something burning.  If that begins to happen, get them out of the fire.

Step 6

Removing them from the fire is best done with a pair of tongs, but if you are roughing it a couple sticks will work just fine. Open them up and let them cool for a couple minutes because they are going to be hot!



Now that we've got our hobo dinners done, it's time to crack a cold one open. We are going with one of Michigan's most refreshing and easiest to find craft beers for this one. Founders All Day IPA is great year round, but it's crispness really shines in the summer months. You can definitely tell the hops are there, but it isn't overpowering and is a great choice with many foods. The bonus is that since it's a session ale with a lower ABV of 4.7 you can have a few of them around the campfire and still get going the next morning.