Bold 'n Sassy Chicken Wings

RNS Chicken Wings

With this main ingredient, there's no need to go hunting or fishing.  Well, unless you happen to have a few chickens to round up.

We guarantee you won't be disappointed with this simple and easy chicken wing recipe.  It's perfect for a cookout, family meal, main course, or an appetizer.  Just be sure to have enough for all of your guests!


Frozen Chicken Wings

Reel 'n Smoke All-Purpose Seasoning

Reel 'n Smoke Bold 'n Sassy BBQ Sauce

Step One

These can be cooked either frozen or thawed. If you have the foresight to take them out of the freezer and let them thaw that is the way to go, if not we can make it work. Set the grill on medium high (or medium if you like a nice char) and add the wings. If using frozen wings start at a medium temp and work your way up as they thaw and hit them with a dose of Reel 'n Smoke All-Purpose Seasoning. This not only adds to the flavor of the BBQ wings but gives you a nice flavor if you want a few plain ones.

Step Two

Wait until the outside of each chicken has been thoroughly cooked and has been seasoned before applying any Bold'n Sassy BBQ sauce. One of my favorite things about this sauce is how thick it is. It really sticks to food while it is cooking.  Now is the time to brush each wing with a healthy coating of sauce. Cook for 6-8 minutes, flip the wings and repeat the brushing. I brush each side twice throughout this process. You are looking at a total cooking time of around 30 minutes for frozen wings, less for unfrozen wings. Feel free to flip and move them around as you see fit based on the hot spots within your grill.

Step Three

Serve the chicken wings with a side of Reel 'n Smoke Bold 'n Sassy sauce, ranch, and blue cheese dressing for dipping. The Bold 'n Sassy sauce does have a nice kick to it (it seems wrong to have wings without some spice). It's not too hot, but you know it's there! Celery and carrots are a must anytime wings are on the table.


Have you ever heard of chicken wings without beer? I didn't think so. To compliment this meal, I looked to one of my favorites, the red ale.  The Big Red Coq from Brewery Vivant in Grand Rapids is what I propose drinking with these chicken wings. It's hoppy for a red ale, but still has that malty smoothness associated with red ale's.  This beer selection is great for just about any meal, but especially Reel 'n Smoke's chicken wings!