Crunchy Cowboy Burgers


Grilling season just wouldn't be complete without a burger recipe. This is America and we do love burgers after all. What we are going to do here isn't going to be anything revolutionary, but it does have a cheesy twist you may not have seen before.

We are going to change the texture of the cheese in this recipe. So instead of gooey cheese running down the burger we are going to use the oven to make the cheese crunchy, which adds some texture and also changes the flavor profile a bit. You might want to make a couple extra pieces of frico (what the cheese is called), because they are awesome on their own.


Ground Beef

Shredded Cheddar Cheese

Reel 'n Smoke All-Purpose Seasoning

Reel 'n Smoke BBQ & Dippin' Sauce

Hamburger Buns

Lettuce, Onion, Tomatoes, Pickles, Bacon, etc

Step 1

Time to apply the heat. Get the grill heating up and pre-heat the oven to 425 degrees F. Prepare the ground beef patties, absolutely no filler in them. Burgers are meant to be all meat. You can make them anywhere from slider size to jumbo size, that is totally up to you. I typically shoot for fairly thick burgers that weigh close to 1/2 lb.

Step 2

Season the burgers liberally with Reel 'n Smoke All-Purpose Seasoning. One little trick I like to do is to add some seasoning before I mix the meat. That gets the flavor all throughout the meat. Once they are seasoned drop them on the hot grill. I like to cook on medium high heat to get my desired level of char and doneness.

Step 3

Grab a cookie sheet and cover it with parchment paper. We are going to use that cheddar cheese to make the frico. Make little piles of the cheese so they are about the same diameter as the burgers will end up being. Pop them in the oven for 5 to 7 minutes, you'll want to see the edges turning brown and starting to look crispy.

Step 4

If you are on your 'A game', you'll have it timed where the burgers and frico are done at the same time. Drop the burger on a bun (you can toast it if you want) and smother it with Reel 'n Smoke BBQ & Dippin' Sauce. The frico will slide right off the parchment paper with a spatula, scoop that up and drop it on top. Top the burgers with whatever else you would like and serve!


The BBQ sauce really gives this burger a bold flavor. So we are going to need a beer that will stand up to that and also really compliment the sweetness.  When I want a beer that is powerful and full of flavor, a scotch ale is my go to.  I picked up one from Arcadia Ales in Battle Creek, MI (they also have a location in Kalamazoo, MI). The Loch Down from Arcadia packs a punch, like most scotch ales, coming in at 8%.  It scotch flavor doesn't over power the beer and the sweetness really shows through. I highly recommend it for any recipe you are going to incorporate Reel 'n Smoke BBQ sauce in!